Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2018, 7:30a.m. by text:

Me: Sending reiki this a.m. unless you need a (spiritual) reading instead.

Rose: Reiki is perfect/awesome!  Thank you!

Thursday, Mar. 29, 2018, 11:47 a.m.

Rose: I felt absolutely AMAZING after that reiki!  My energy is so much better still…I meant to reach out sooner…my apologies but just wanted to say thank you so much. <3 You’re a miracle worker!!!  🙂

What’s going on here?  Rose is 20 yrs. old and lives in Massachusetts with her mom.  They have been clients of mine for five years.  They and many others have had healing experiences in their home while I have sent reiki and healing energy from my morning meditation spot at home here in Maine.  What others find amazing, but goes without question for my clients, is that I don’t ask any questions before I start a distant energy session. Afterward I will discuss my observations, i.e: “I see you’ve been having headaches” or “Your hips have really been bothering you” or “Have you been suffering a broken relationship?”  This is not the stuff of science fiction, but rather a phenomena of “NOETIC SCIENCE”.

Philosophers from Plato forward have used the term NOETIC.  Coming from the Greek word noetikos, it means inner wisdom, direct knowing and subjective understanding.  Noetic Science is a multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools together with subjective inner knowing to study a full range of human experiences.

My hero Albert Einstein will attest that “consciousness matters”, and with that, the properties of quantum mechanics show that every particle in it’s subatomic state VIBRATES IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE.  And that, the trajectory of the particles WILL CHANGE DIRECTION WHEN OBSERVED.  What??? Simply stated, it means that if you apply concentrated focus to something, you can change the outcome.  That’s why prayer works.

How can that be?  Well, it means that every part of us (our body, mind and spirit) is vibrating. Everything is in constant movement….remember that reiki is vibratory medicine.  As a reiki master-teacher, I apply focused  ATTENTION and INTENTION toward my clients.  My attention VIBRATES.  (Sometimes someone will ask if I can read their mind, and I say, “no, but I can read your vibration.”)  That’s why I can know if they’ve had a headache, stomachache, or broken heart.  I can FEEL their vibration, and set it right with concentrated focus.  Again, CONSCIOUSNESS MATTERS, and if you’re conscious of a disruption, with training you can redirect  the vibration to move in a more healthful direction.

The United States is far behind the rest of the world in wellness because of their reluctance to look too deeply into the mind/ body connection and the real power of the consciousness.  In doing so, it would break the drug-dependent culture of the pharmaceutical industry, and put the power of health back into the hands of the individual.  Our mind, and our SPIRIT are powerful things.  Enlightened people are beginning to wake up, though.  I’m constantly surprised at the number of people that call and ask for spiritual development lessons.  Those with higher awareness are starting to take conscious control of their lives, minds, and spirits.  It’s a sort of personal evolution to sort through the misinformation fed to the consumer about health and wellbeing, while contemplating the depths of the human mind.

The Institute of Noetic Science studies this phenomena and more, which I use in my practice.  Top scientists approach consciousness and the manipulation of it… check out the Institute Of Noetic Science, http://noetic.org/.

If you’re interested in more, don’t hesitate to contact me at 207-664-3754 or email at [email protected]   Until the next time, THINK GOOD THOUGHTS!