Are you a desert?  Is your body severely lacking essential nutrients and trace minerals? Surprisingly, in spite of the abundance of products lining grocery store shelves, Americans are increasingly malnourished.  America lags far behind all other developed nations in health.  Why?  Because the products advertised in magazines and on television are not real food.  Packaged in chemical lined plastics and cans, the ‘foods’ have been heated, denatured, and robbed of essential nutrients and enzymes.  ‘Fresh’ foods have often been sprayed with chemicals to increase color and shine, and are often finished with glyphosate to force them to ripen quickly.  GMO products have been created to withstand the chemical fertilizers poured on them, and they carry toxins inside themselves.  Some have been altered ‘cross species’, in order to increase shelf life.  These products are destroying the lining of our guts, and are introducing foreign proteins that our bodies do not recognize.  Chronic illness is often the result.  Little wonder why so many Americans are agitated, can’t focus,  and quick to anger.  They are devoid of the live energy and essential nutrients that are so needed for healthy brains to adapt with good-natured response to stress.

Has your landscape been flooded?  Over the past twenty years, many well meaning Americans have decided to take back control over their health.  They feel the Food and Drug Administration and the American Healthcare system have robbed them of their right to easy and affordable access to REAL, CLEAN food and healthcare.  Tired of jumping through insurance hoops to see their General Practitioner for just ten minutes, and exhausted at paying top dollar for ‘insurance’ that doesn’t imply ‘coverage’, they have decided that it is easier and more affordable to just stay healthy.  

Thanks to copious amounts of online information, the average person can be flooded with bits and blogs about what it takes to stay healthy.  Many try to weed through sometimes conflicting reports about what really IS healthy.  Is it right for them?  Americans are supplementing for their health like never before.  But the truth is sometimes hidden behind the words on the back of the label.  “Natural” doesn’t imply that it IS natural for you to take it.  How has it been prepared?  Is RDA (required daily amount) right for you?  Often, it is the amount of nutrient needed just to stay alive.  Does your body really need THIS supplement that says it is guaranteed to reduce inflammation?  Does your body need THAT form of fish oil?  Has it been tested for heavy metals?  Thanks to so much information, but little reliability and standardization, many vitamins and supplements pass through the person’s gut and into the septic system.  Little is taught about how to absorb the supplements you need, and how much is TOO much.  Not all forms of herbs, vitamins, and minerals are of equal quality.  And some combinations are antagonistic instead of synergistic

 Turn your landscape into a flourishing, lush landscape with natural balance.  Like nature, our bodies are always looking for homeostasis.  Our bodies want to be balanced in spite of the daily stresses of our work and environment.  Lingual neural testing, kinesiology, and vibrational testing will show you the best balance FOR YOU.  Everyone is different.  Some may need to supplement iron, while others may need to supplement magnesium.  Some may need additional Vitamin B6, others B12.  Healthcare dollars are well spent with a chiropractor, nutritional therapist, or naturopath who have been trained to identify specific needs of each client.  A deep knowledge of FOOD-AS-MEDICINE is invaluable, because as Americans, we must eat.  Knowing WHAT we eat and which items to choose will truly give us our freedom….freedom from illness, and the freedom to function with healthy minds and bodies.

Vibrational testing is now available at my office.  It is fast, and specific.  For more information or an appointment, please call 207-664-3754.