We’ve all been there…having a day when we can barely coax a smile on our lips.  It sometimes gets scary if those days continue!  You begin to think, “I can’t let everyone know I don’t feel well…I’m sad!”  If you sometimes battle the blues, suffer from anxiety, or have brain fog, you’re not alone!  In 2017, it was reported that nearly 17% of all Americans were on antidepressants!

Battling the blues is a multi-dimensional task, because people aren’t only ‘one thing’….We operate physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  That’s why medications don’t do a great job of helping us feel better.  The “ONE MONTH to a HAPPIER YOU” workshop is designed to help you feel better all around!

Here’s an outline of the project:

Week 1: Essentials Overview

  • Introductions
  • Structural alignment for healthy brain function
  • Foods to promote positive function and happiness
  • Food journaling to track mood/food
  • Private Facebook group page

Week 2: Turn Off the Tube

  • Distractions and mood destruction
  • The power of words/ creating an inner dialogue
  • Mindfulness journaling
  • Light and color therapy

Week 3: Moving Meditation

  • Foods and mood check-up
  • The power of laughter/ raising the vibration
  • Touch therapy/ hug thy neighbor
  • The power of gratitude

Week 4: Journal Observations

  • “No more buts”- retelling the story
  • Advanced touch therapy/ pass the energy on!
  • Supplementing for a happier brain

Week 5: Wrap-up Happiness Party

Be good and loving to yourself, and allow yourself the opportunity to feel better in a month’s time!

For dates, times, and more information or to sign up, please go here: https://www.antoinettecaruso.com/product/happier-you-workshop/